Public hubs

Lab Display Hub Name Description Assemblies Hub Url
Akalin dorina2_Hub DoRiNA2 tracks and date hub ce6 dm3 hg19 mm9
Akalin EnhancerDefinitionhg19 Enhancer Def: JEME EnhAtlas GenenHancer ChromHMM FOCS hg19
Akalin HOTRegions Wreczycka et al., HOT Regions Tracks hg19 mm9
Akalin Ascl1-Insm1 Ascl1-Insm chip-seq tracks mm10 rn6
Akalin ALL_scGT gDNA from ALL single cells G&T-seq hg19
Landthaler Landthaler_HSV Landthaler lab HSV-1 data hg19
Other Other Other hg19
Rajewsky test_mschilli test hub by Marcel Schilling
Rajewsky Planaria_genome Planaria genome assembly (v3.1) with annotation tracks schMed1
Rajewsky deep DEEP data liver hepatocytes Hf01 hg38
Rajewsky chimeras target (i.e. 3' parts) of miRNA:target chimeras ce6
Rajewsky smedAS AS project tracks schMed1
Rajewsky DVEX D. melanogaster single-cell tracks dm6
Rajewsky humusc Human muscle satellite single-cell tracks hg38
Rajewsky Kidney Kidney glomeruli tracks mm10
Rajewsky circBase circBase circRNA candidates and RNA-seq coverage tracks hg19 mm9 ce6 dm3
Rajewsky PicTar2_predictions PicTar2 miRNA target site predictions including conserved and non-conserved miRNA targetsites ce6 dm3 mm9 hg18 hg19
Rajewsky A549_riboprof ribosome profiling in A549 cells infected with influenza PR8 H1N1 hg19
Rajewsky HCMV_riboprof ribosome profiling in HFF cells infected with HCMV hg19
Rajewsky Huh7_riboprof ribosome profiling in Huh7 cells infected with YFV hg19
Rajewsky Dicer Dicer paper (Rybak et al. 2014) RNA-seq and PAR-CLIP depth-of-coverage and binding sites for three replicates and consensus binding sites hg19 ce6
Rajewsky mouse_heart RNA-seq (total RNA, ribominus, strand-specific) on mice after IR mm10

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